The death of Cody Longo under strange circumstances has surprised everyone since he was recovered from his alcohol addiction.

The American actor Cody Longo has been found dead in strange circumstances at his home of Austin Texas as reported by his wife Stephanie, who warned the police not being able to communicate with her husband while she was working. After talking to the police and communicating that it was very strange that Cody did not respond to his calls and take at home, The agents met Cody Long lying in bed and lifeless.

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Muere Cody Longo

His wife Stephanie Long said that Cody “was our whole life” also added in a statement: “Children and I are destroyed and devastated. He was the best father. We will always love him and we will miss him. ”

Cody Longo was an alcoholic

According to several American media, the actor of ‘Nashville’ and ‘Piraña 3D’ had been fighting against his alcohol addiction for several years and even submitted to a rehabilitation treatment last summer but currently he was clean and recovered, So Stephanie considers Cody’s death very strange although the TMZ digital states that Cody Longo would have suffered a relapse during the last weeks what would have been the possible reason for her death.

Cody’s best known role was for the ‘Hollywood Heights’ In addition to this, Longo appeared in 8 episodes of the series ‘Days of Our Lives’ in 2011, in several episodes ‘Nashville’ in 2016 and in the movie ‘Piraña 3D’

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