After last week we knew the news sadly expected for his fans, this message has left us perplexed. We tell you the whole story of a third person in the divorce of Demet Özdemir and Oguzhan Koç.

el detalle que ha arruinado la boda de Demet
Meses hace de esta instantánea, que ha envejecido peor que los chistes de Arévalo.

In the history of the crisis between Demet and his ex -husband do not stop hitting jumps of surprise. We have heard and seen of everything: that if a anger who took out the actress from her house, that if infidelities, that yes … well, then it, that here is another very fat here: A third person in Demet’s divorce Özdemir and Oguzhan Koç has spoken and left the fandom sitting ass in the ground.

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Zeynep Koçak has spoken … and has not left anyone indifferent

Ok. Who is Zeynep Koçak? Well, it is A Turkish actress who was next to Oguzhan no less than six years, from 2009 to 2015. That courtship was one of the most commented in the celebrated world of the country, and they were about to go through the altar. But Oguzhan ended with that Relationship to marry and running with another actress, Yagmun Tamrisevsin, something that plunged Zeynep into the deepest sadness.

Antes de Demet, Oguzhan estuvo casado con otra actriz. Pues bien, hasta muy poco antes había estado con Zeynep, a quien

Now, upon learning of the divorce between his ex and Demet Özdemir, he has published a post in which he appears sitting in a beautiful garden and with a text that cannot be more descriptive: “I am sitting waiting for divine justice ”

Zeynep Koçak sentada en un jardín
“Estoy sentada esperando la justicia divina” es el texto que acompaña a esta foto de Zeynep. Le han llovido los comentarios de todo tipo.

The responses of their fans, who have enjoyed this play of fate, are not to miss them: “I swear to read the comments”, “Karma happens sooner or later”, “” Karma has found its place in 10 years, my dear Zeynep ”…

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More than a third person in the divorce of Demet Özdemir and Oguzhan Koç

Meanwhile, the history of divorce continues to speak. Apparently, it would have been Oguzhan who, fed up with the problems with Demet, would have taken the first step. But there are also those who Venture to say that the actress has not forgotten a love of the past … will they refer to Can Yaman, with whom there was a rollete when they rolled together?

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