Producer Javier Pérez Santana has been accused as the alleged perpetrator of a sexual assault on the actress and singer Jedet during the party after the ‘Feroz Awards’ and stopped that a monologue during a gala in 2018 already warned of This.

The film producer Javier Pérez Santana, 55, has been arrested this Sunday and released with positions after being questioned by a judge, by an alleged Sexual aggression to the singer and actress Jedet during The party after the ‘Feroz’ film awards that were held in the ‘Ebro’ Space of the Zaragoza Water Park.

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monólogo avisó sobre el acoso a Jedet

Apparently the actress who played Cristina Ortiz in ‘Veneno’, Carmen Jedet and according to the complaint filed against Javier Pérez, Would have suffered touching and harassment for at least a couple of men among which which There is Javier Pérez who belongs to the documentary team ‘My emptiness and I’, nominated for the Non -fiction outburst, which tells the story of Raphi, a young androgynous young and with a gender dysphoria.

A monologue from Julián López already warned Jedet about harassment

There is no doubt that the facts are serious and although the producer is in Freedom with charges it is very sad that anyone has to suffer this type of sexual harassment situations especially when they do not do Not a week that jumped to the news the unpleasant event between Barça Dani Alves and a girl in a disco in Barcelona for which Remains imprisoned.

The actor and comedian Julián López, back in 2018 and in one of his monologues during the presentation of the fierce gala, made an impressive which today seems premonitory.

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During the monologue Julián López said: “… five years ago, these awards were not known by anyone, and now either. We are the best saved secret of Spanish cinema. Well, that and The name of our sexual stalkers (laughs and applause). What I would pay to know Who is getting nervous right now … ”

An unimportant joke that would charge all the way years later, during the post gala party in 2023 In which the alleged sexual assault to Jedet and that Julian López unintentionally had come, had predicted.

Who is Jedet?

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