The love story between the actress and her boyfriend does not stop giving her bitter moments. The last one: a millionaire gift from Hakan Sabanci that has made Hande Erçel canceled. What is behind all this? We fear much we know.

It is one thing to want Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin again to be a couple and another very different one that causes the hatred of a sector that is too critical. However, there are something else behind the insults to Hande Erçel of the last days, which Are making it begin to be canceled. something that has to do with the very expensive gift her boyfriend, Hakan Sabanci, has made, and that has aroused certain misgivings among some fans. This is all that is known.

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Hakan Sabanci’s gift Hande Erçel who have made him canceled

Several Turkish media report that Hakan has made a gift to Hande that Is worth a small fortune. we would say more: we would say that it is a medium fortune, as little. The caprichito in question is a rolex Daytona Yellow Gold Green:

Este es el modelo de Rolex Daytona que, al parecer, habría adquirido Hakan para él y para su novia.

This is at least the model that Hakan has acquired for himself. But, according to these same media, the one that has bought Hande is “very similar.” Well, for you to get an idea, a rolex model of this type without customizing, something that we suspect that the price will have happened and more expensive, Costs about 120,000 euros in the second -hand market and in its most standard version . But why have Hande insulted for a rolex?

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La noticia ha corrido como la pólvora en Turquía.

Apparently, following the publication of this news, several fans are insinuating that Hande is a “Company” of Hakan, known for her reputation as Playboy, and Who is buying his time with gifts. On the one hand, travel; Later, the Louis Vuitton that looks quite often, Valued at about 3,000 euros.

This suspicion does not fit us

Does Hande really need to be a company of anyone? To a woman who earns all the money she wants, beautiful, with international fame and success in abundance? We are sure they are in love and their relationship is that of a couple who wants.

Another thing is what type of person is Hakan Sabanci. and gives us that, given their reputation of ligum that uses women as if they were Klínex, it is not convenient for anything. But from there to the faithful accusations there is a long stretch.

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