Eye because they are called Victoria and Victoria and they are the couple of bisexual tempting who worship the trios and that have arrived to revolutionize this edition of ‘The island of temptations’

There is nothing left for the sixth edition of ‘The island of temptations’ . At first glance, the entire mechanism of the game is the same since it was recorded immediately after the fifth edition, so Sandra Barneda will continue to be the presenter and the villas will be the same as in the previous edition, in the previous edition, except for a detail …

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tentadoras bisexuales

Do trios ? The thing gets interesting, what yes?

Victoria and Victoria are the bisexual single friends who will put the contest above

The program will start as always. Five couples will test their love letting themselves be loved by Nine single and nine single . So far everything good but the Villa de las Chicas do not have that in the town of the boys, there are two Sevillian friends who come to ride it very fat.

They are called Victoria and Victoria and according to their own words “We don’t have tabi in sex ”. They are intimate friends and Sevillanas and have landed in the Dominican Republic wanting to live this edition.

Victoria and Victoria met in Tinder

The Sevillanas Met in the famous appointment app and from that moment and after realizing that they were attracted to the same type of man, Decided there would be fights.

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According to his own words during his presentation: “Our fans is to make trios and we love to give a‘ putivolta ’and slush at the disco eating our mouths in front of the boys”

We are looking forward to seeing the couples’s face during the presentation, when Victoria and Victoria tell what they have come to the island and How they would like to spend the night with the boys . The morbidity is served.

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