Since it began ‘more beautiful than you’, the new romantic series that emits Divinity, we have not stopped inquiring about its male protagonist, which is to wet bread. Here are seven curiosities about Burak çelik, emir in the series, which has probably more beautiful eyes in the world.

Cemre (Efsun) y Burak (Emir). ¡Es que menuda pareja de guapos!

Have you already hooked on the new Turkish Divinity series? If not yet, you already know that you have all the chapters to the letter on the website of the platform. But well, we have not come to that, but to tell you seven curiosities about Burak çelik, the last guapérío of that country that comes to cut our breathing.

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He had to leave his first vocation for health

Burak wanted to be a footballer before actor, surely because his uncle was a professional player. And he played well, but when he was still a Teenager he had to leave him. the reason: the asthma he suffered, incompatible with forming a career in that sport. We lost a footballer, but we have won an actor.

Foto de Burak Çeliz con chaqueta y camisa azul claro, pantalón blanco y gafas de sol
Nos viene genial el cambio de profesión.

His maternal family emigrated to Türkiye

Although Burak’s father is from Ordu, his mother’s family comes from the Balkan peninsula (belonging to several states; among them, Turkey), and Emigrated fleeing from there.

He won an award for the best model

He was chosen Best Turkey model in 2013, something that has come very well, since he can combine his profession as an interpreter with the model. Qualities are not missing: it is in sight.

Burak Çelik y Ayşenur Özkan elegidos mejores modelos
Fue mejor modelo de Turquía y del mundo. Al lado, Ayşenur Özkan, su única pareja conocida.

There he met his only famous partner

Burak is very jealous of his private life, but we have known that precisely in that contest he met Ayşenur Özkan, who also participated in the contest and of which he fell in love (and that he is together to him in the previous photo). They were together Two years. right now no couple is known.

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Romanticism has changed to action

Yes, we refer to the last series that has been shot and is currently broadcast in Turkey, Ben Bu Cihana Sigmazam (something like “I am Sigma for this world”). The story of the series revolves around A man who decides to pretend his own death to avenge his brother’s.

Fotograma de su última serie
Nos gusta muchísimo más como objeto romántico de Efsun, pero ahí lo tenemos, pegando tiros desde lo alto de un coche.

Your first time … on TV

Debuted with the Karagül series, where he gave life to be in no less than 102 episodes. Then the first protagonist of him came, Baris, in Hayat Sevince Güzel.

Last of the curiosities about Burak çelik: maybe it sounds like this other series

But where have I seen those eyes? You will wonder a thousand times. Well, you’ve seen them in Hayat, love without words, The series that starred Hande Erçel and Burak Deniz, who now walk together again with Iki yabanci . came out in an episode and gave life to Serkan.

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