Since the tour of Can Yaman began through Italy, the actor has toured almost the whole country, and the number of photos and selfis that has been made with his fans is almost infinite. But there are five truly unforgettable that make our idol doubly wonderful. It’s these.

The Can Yaman tour of Italy is plagued by impressive images: from those in which it had to be escorted by the police to others perhaps less impressive in what is influxed by people referring to, But tender and emotional. In his long journey through the country that has welcomed it, we have prepared a small album with the Moments that have put the tear on the edge of the eye.

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Rome, the first stop of the Can Yaman tour of Italy

We saw him go through the Umberto I Polyclinic of Rome. It was in the capital of the country, and in which Can has the residence of his, where Began to make visible the need for the youngest to have psychological support. This woman took a picture with him and waste emotion:

Macerata and the little pink dressed

As he passed through Macerata, in the east of the country, there were also unique moments. Among many of them, we were struck by Funny, in which the protagonist of The Turk / P>

Can Yaman con una niña besándole en la mejilla

Caserta, a torrent of emotions of all kinds

In the town of Caserta, Can Yaman surrounded himself again from the love of his fans. One of them approached until the Photocall to make a selfi with his admired actor, and he did it with his Baby, who looks bewildered to Can, as saying: « How dad has changed!

Although this image seriously competes with that of the fan that took the firm to the CAN Yaman In feather cardboard and natural size!

Naples and his visit to the Santobono Hospital

Your visit to this Neapolitan hospital may have been one of all’s emotional moments: Can Yaman walked throughout the children’s wing of the Center distributing sweets and toys to the children, that stayed fascinated with their appearance. One of the many unforgettable images of that day is this:

Castellammare di Stabia, one of the last stops of the Can Yaman tour of Italy

“Happy encounters,” he said in his social profile. And judging by the smiles of all those who wanted to immortalize themselves to his side, they certainly were. You just have to see this little girl, who is very excited.

The tour continues and we do not know what momentazos will bring us, but what is clear to us is that Can Yaman floods with happiness all the places he visits and In which he leaves his message: we protect the little ones.

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