We are that we have no more joy in the body: after discovering a new guapérinte in the Turkish panorama, it turns out that we have it since Monday twice. Have you begun to see ‘Hidden truth’, Onur Tuna’s new series? These are the films that have inspired the complex plot.

Primer plano de Onur Tuna
Pero cómo que te encierran a ti, criatura, con lo que necesitamos que estés libre como el sol cuando amanece.

Last Monday, when we were all returning from a short, but intense vacation, Divinity was waiting for us with a new wonder of the Turkish universe, Hidden truth. in the new series of Onur Tuna, the New Guapo Officer (Hazed Site, Kerem Bürsin, Can Yaman and other beauties) gives life to a Firat Bulut, a successful prosecutor accused unjustly of having killed his daughter and his wife and, From jail, he will have to prove His innocence.

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Onur lleva solo bigote en esta serie. Nada de barba. Puede que sea uno de los tres hombres en la Tierra a los que le queda bien el bigote a secas.

What happened? Why is it there and, above all, why don’t you remember anything? your only option is … escape. Hidden truth is an adaptation of a Korean series, Innocent Defundant (in Spanish, “innocent accused). But there is a whole tradition of false guilty films that has inspired this plot. Do you want to see what are they?

‘Oldboy’, one of the movies that most clearly inspire the new Onur Tuna series

We have no doubt that Innocent Defundant (the original hidden version) takes part of its plot of Oldboy, a Korean film. Here, the protagonist is Locked up, accused of having killed his woman and also suffers amnesia. yes, he has not been judged, no: the thing is much worse. If you support violence, you shouldn’t miss it.

Cartel promocional de la nueva serie de Onur Tuna
“Cada historia tiene dos lados, pero solo una verdad”, reza el cartel promocional de esta seriaza que acaba de estrenar Divinity.

‘The wanted’

Although The fugitive was first a successful series, he took to the cinema in the nineties. And, if in Hidden truth we have Onur Tuna, the beautiful then was Harrison Ford, who had a lot of pull 30 years ago. As in the series that Divinity now broadcasts, the Ford Character accused him unfairly of having killed his wife. and as in the case of the Divinity series, the leak stars the plot.

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fotograma de Verdad oculta, la nueva serie de Onur Tuna, en la que le vemos en primer plano
‘Verdad oculta’ comenzó a rodarse en 2021 y consta de 31 capítulos.

‘Life imprisonment’

Another accused of double murder, as in the case of hidden truth. But instead of his wife and his daughter, in Perpetual chain are His wife and her lover who die at the hands of a criminal … but enclose the husband of that, which is innocent. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman are spectacular in one of the most beautiful movies in the world (sigh).

fotograma de Verdad oculta, la nueva serie de Onur Tuna, en la que le vemos en primer plano
Al comienzo de la serie, Firat es un fiscal de enorme éxito al que una falsa acusación pondrá su vida patas arriba.

‘Hurricane Carter’

The title of this film is also the name of the character that Denzel Washington plays. Carter is a boxer who will spend 20 years in prison accused of a triple murder that he has not committed.

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