Do not miss it because if you are like us that we get caught with ‘Love is in the air’, this news will love it because Hande Erçel returns to Spanish television.

The Turkish series in our country is not normal and it seems that after the success of ‘Brothers’, ‘Dreamy bird’, ‘Love is in the air’ or ‘bitter land’, Telecinco has been encouraged to release this Hande Erçel series that co -starred with the beautiful Tolgahan Sayışman and what is called ‘Siyah Ini’ but that in Spanish has been translated as ‘black pearl’ .

Argument of the new Hande Erçel series in Telecinco, ‘Black Pearl’

‘Black Pearl’, tells the story of Hazal a young woman who is committed to Kenan , a handsome fisherman. A day before her wedding, Hazal is forced to marry the vural, a businessman widower who has obsessed her since he saw her work as a waitress. Kenan then thinks that Hazal has abandoned him for money and struggles to become a businessman with the intention of revenge. Meanwhile, Hazal, trapped in a tax marriage tries to escape. A story of love, revenge and pain that will surely hook us as much as ‘Love is in the air’ since although the star is not Kerem Bürsin, it is not bad as you can see in the photos.

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The series premiered in Turkey in 2017 extending its broadcast until February 2018 and was a real success.

Both Hande Erçel and Tolgahan Sayışman make a very good couple together and we refer to the tests.

Who is Tolgahan Sayisman?

Tolgahan Sayışman (born the December 17, 1981 ) is a Turkish actor and model. Sayışman was the winner of the ‘Best Model of Turkey’ contest in 2002 and won the ‘Manhunt International’ contest in 2005 in South Korea.

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Since 2006 that began working on television series he has played a total of 15 series and films making him a very wanted actor within the country’s producers. Among the most applauded works of him are ‘Siyah Ini’, ‘Bir Umut’ ‘Yeter’, or ‘Asla Vazgeçmem’ in which he plays the leading role.

When and where does ‘black pearl’ premiere?

‘Black Pearl’ of Hande Erçel is expected to be released this month of February 2023 on the Mediaset Divinity channel.

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